What does Energent do?

Energent Incorporated is a software and application engineering company located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. We provide customers with relevant, accurate information about their facility’s energy performance. Customers use this information to make smart decisions for improved energy management.

Are you a private company?

Energent is a privately held company owned by company founders and several angel investors. Energent has also received funding from the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE).

When were you founded?

Energent began as Northern Dynamic, Inc. (NDI) in 1995. After a custom energy information management project for GM, NDI changed its business strategy and its name to Energent. Energent was incorporated in 2007.

Who are your customers?

Energent cannot release all of our customer names. However, we can tell you our clients are from across a broad spectrum of organizations: auto parts, food manufacturing, hospitals and other health care facilities. These early-adopters and innovators recognize the importance of quality energy information for identifying, achieving and sustaining lower energy costs.

How do you help customers?

Energent has developed an Internet-based platform to automatically collect customer energy data and forward it to the Energent Data Centre for analysis. At the Data Centre, the energy data is analyzed using sophisticated software to isolate opportunities for energy savings. These opportunities are made available to customers via a Web-portal.

What information does the customer receive?

Customers have instantaneous, 24/7 access to customized, real-time energy consumption information for their facility though a secure Web-portal.

What is the offering?

By subscribing to our monthly service, Energent provides an automated, fully-managed and maintained energy information system customized for the customer's energy information needs. The subscription also includes data interpretation and decision support from our Energy Analyst and Help Desk. There are no up-front costs for purchasing hardware or licensing software. Clients do not need to hire staff to set-up, operate, and maintain the system over time.

How does Energent help customers conserve energy?

Energent customers receive energy information which aids better planning and purchasing, reduces consumption, and eliminates waste. The net effect for business is:

  • More profit, because savings go directly to the bottom line,
  • Less demand on public systems for energy production, and
  • Reduced carbon and greenhouse emissions.

Are you considered a green technology?

Yes. Energent helps customers reduce energy costs by 30% or more. Customers achieve these saving through better planning and purchasing, reducing energy consumption and eliminating waste. When customers reduce their energy usage and waste:

  • they place less demand on public energy production systems, and
  • they reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

Reductions in energy intensity are also key for helping government achieve commitments toward environmental targets.

Are you a “smart grid” technology?

Yes. Energent is a part of the Energy Hub Management System (EHMS) project  – a new piece of the “smart grid”. The aim of the project is to give any energy-consuming building (called an Energy Hub) access to energy information and the ability to take action to optimize their energy supply/demand. All this will occur via real-time Internet-based communications.

In essence, the EHMS will extend the electricity grid to incorporate and engage the Energy Hub as an active "smart" participant.

Do you have a residential product?

The Energy Hub project we are working on with the University of Waterloo, Hydro One and Milton Hydro Distribution will provide any energy-consuming building (including residential homes) with access to energy information and the ability to take action to optimize their energy supply/demand.

If you are interested in updates regarding the Energy Hub project, please contact us.