Energy management is key in driving better, smarter use of energy. Increased visibility and reduction incentives lead to improved responsiveness and efficiency while lowering consumption.

Energent is a new piece of the “smart grid” equation: an ever widening set of products, applications and systems designed to enhance and automate the monitoring and control of electrical distribution. Over the long term, the net result of this monitoring and control is a more sustainable energy future.

Energent and other smart grid solutions help:

  • Governments achieve commitments toward environmental targets
  • Communities manage the cost of living and maintain economic health
  • Businesses become more energy and economically efficient
  • Individuals optimize energy supply and demand
  • Utilities meet peak demand and address system contingencies
  • Reduce the need for more power plants and off-system purchases
  • Shrink carbon and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Create a more responsive, reliable power grid

For more on energy efficiency, sustainability and programs please review the links below. To get Energent working for you, contact us.


  1. Natural Resources Canada, Office of Energy Efficiency
  2. Energy Star
  3. ecoAction
  4. Canada Green Building Council
  5. Sustainable Waterloo
  6. US Green Building Council: LEED Certification
  7. US Commercial Building Tax Deduction for energy efficient building expenditures