Energent’s Green Button Solution


Our Green Button Solution

How frustrating is managing your buildings energy? Budgeting electricity costs and tracking consumption and performance can become a fulltime job especially if you are responsible for a large facility, such as an institutional building, or a multiple building portfolio like a school board. When you connect your data with Energent, we will help you to understand, change and manage your buildings energy use. We are the experts’ at large portfolio and large buildings energy management solutions!


Think Energent’s solution is right for you? Energent has a commitment to customer service and, through our experience, we have determined that customers who see the most value from our system are higher energy consuming companies whose facilities have:

  • Someone who is responsible for the facility’s energy use and is empowered to make improvements.
  • A commercial, retail, institutional, light industrial or municipal building.
  • An electricity spend of over $25,000 per year per facility.

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If that doesn’t quite sound like your facility, make sure you head back to your utilities website to check out some of the other great Green Button Solutions!


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With more knowledge about why and how your facility uses energy, you can better make decisions to positively impact your energy use and energy budget.

We help you to reduce your frustration by helping you to first understand your energy use. This is done by providing:

  • Analysis of your historical energy use and what drives it
  • An online energy-monitoring software system
  • Expert Energy Analyst advice

This integrated approach of technology and knowledge help you reduce the burden and provide clarity into your facility’s energy use.



The way a facility uses energy can be changed when you have the insight and the proper tools

Our world-class energy management software and experienced energy analysts will help you identify opportunities to change how your site consumes energy. These changes might include:

  • Staff engagement
  • Operational and behavioural changes
  • System and equipment upgrades


Large facility and multiple site portfolio managers, manage your energy budget and take control of your energy use!

Once changes have been made, Energent’s system helps you to monitor the impact those changes have on your energy consumption. We provide a number of tools to allow for easy management of energy such as:

  • Powerful yet intuitive energy management dashboard
  • Automatic alert notifications
  • Quarterly energy reviews with our energy analysts
  • Automatic energy reports

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