Energy Analysts

Energy Analysts provide you with expert advice and ongoing services to help you achieve your energy management goals!

They perform critical activities and offer valuable advice to make your energy management program a success:

  • Data insight - a "second set of eyes" watching over your energy information and reviewing alerts
  • Notification - contacting you regarding unusual consumption and possible savings opportunities
  • Data interpretation - working with you to further analyze unusual consumption and isolate the cause
  • Decision support - working with you to assess possible solutions (what if scenarios) and justify decisions
  • Regular and "on-demand" reporting - providing information and reports "as needed" to support your energy team

Over time, your Energy Analyst will become a valuable member of your energy team, enhancing your ability to identify, evaluate, and select opportunities for energy efficiency, budget management, and procurement decisions.

The services of an Energy Analyst are included in the monthly subscription fee for the EnergentET and EnergentEP solutions.