Green Button

About Green Button

The Green Button data access mechanism allows residential and commercial users to access and share electricity data in a standardized and secure manner. It allows them to share their utility data with third party vendors, like Energent, who have developed innovative applications, products, services, and solutions to help Ontario businesses conserve energy and better manage their electricity bills.

Currently, the province of Ontario is conducting a pilot on the use of Green Button. Energent has been selected to conduct pilot implementations in the commercial sector. We will keep you updated with its status, which currently is as follows:  

  • Participating Utilities are London Hydro and Hydro One
  • If accepted into the program, you get 12 months of vendor services at no charge during the pilot phase

Want More Information?


What do you mean by "share my data"?

Sharing your utility data means that you give permission for a third party vendor, such as Energent, to access your business’s utility data. Energent will then provide you with access to our comprehensive analysis and reporting tools to help you manage your energy and make intelligent decisions around your energy use. This works in much the same way that you allow banking applications access to your banking data so that they may use that information to help you make intelligent financial decisions. Here are the answers to some questions you might have:


Is my data secure and kept private?  

100% yes! Your data is encrypted and transferred through a secure channel over the internet from your utility to Energent.


Who is in control of my data?  

You are! You decide who you share your data with and when you want to stop.


Still have questions about Green Button? 

No problem! Take a look at You will find all you need to know about the standard there!

Check out Energent’s Green Button Solution