Energent Launches EnergentGHG

June 10, 2011

Energent is proud to release the newest module in the Energent Suite of software.  EnergentGHG provides industrial and commercial/institutional clients with greenhouse gas emission information related to real-time electricity and natural gas consumption, available through Energent’s Dashboard.

Waterloo, ON.  June 2011 – Energent is pleased to announce the release of the latest module in its suite of energy management software applications.  EnergentGHG provides powerful reporting tools, an engaging and configurable dashboard, and energy equivalents to allow all stakeholders to relate greenhouse gas emissions to everyday scenarios.

EnergentGHG provides three primary technology components, and when combined with Energent’s Energy Analyst service component, will maximize the benefits realized from this module, while minimizing the effort required by staff.  Specifically, these components are:

  1. Dashboard controls that report emission and reduction information in real-time
  2. Audit ready, flexible reports that provide information needed for voluntary & required reporting
  3. Fully managed “Standard” GHG program service to ensure the most up to date and accurate data is included in the calculations
  4. A GHG Program management tool to view and extract “Standard” GHG information, or manage “Custom” programs

“EnergentGHG gives organizations everything they need to be aware of their carbon footprint” says Energent President and CEO Chris Reid.  “Energent is pleased to offer this exciting new tool to our growing customer base in the hospital, industrial, and commercial sectors.”

EnergentGHG is being used in the field:

  1. To calculate the carbon footprint for scope 1 and scope 2 emissions
  2. Promote a positive image to employees and stakeholders by providing visibility into environmental efforts and successes.
  3. Influence behavioural change in people who may not be measured on a successful energy conservation plan, but directly affect energy consumption
  4. Complete mandated or voluntary annual GHG emission reports that support 3rd party verification/validation
  5. Participate in emission trading opportunities and/or requirements through emission reductions projects and future cap and trade legislation.

Energent is on the cutting edge of energy management, and with the newest module, Energent GHG, will continue to lead the industry in comprehensive energy management solutions.  With a combination of leading edge software, experienced and knowledgeable services, and competitive Software as a Service business model, Energent continually drives value to its clients in a variety of ways.  For more information on Energent's newest module, EnergentGHG, please go to the EnergentGHG website.

 About Energent

Energent is a leading provider of energy management technologies in Canada for Industrial, institutional, and commercial customers.  Based out of Waterloo, Energent provides its state-of-the-art technology as a software-as-a-service (SaaS), ensuring cost effective deployments and valuable ongoing services.  Energent has highly referenced customers across all verticals and regions in Canada, including heavy auto manufacturing, hospitals, and retail commercial.  For more information, visit www.energent.com