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 Brief Description Entry-level EMIS providing real-time access to facility demand data. Helps you discover how much energy your buildings. processes and equipment use at any given time, on-demand.  Advanced EMIS providing real-time analysis of energy data using statistical modelling and energy targeting. Helps you isolate waste, precisely measure savings, and identify new savings opportunities.  Advanced EMIS providing accurate budget projections to support procurement decisions. Integrates real-time energy monitoring to create on-demand assessments of budgets and budget-at-risk.
Uses real-time data from utility and sub-meters
24/7 reporting through web-portal  
Fully-configurable dashboard  
Fully-automated upgrades and maintenance
Data is remotely managed and archived at ODC
Automatic software and hardware updates
Monthly fee
UDL device(s) supplied
Technical support 
Energy Analyst Services (ongoing review of data, data interpretation, and decision suport)  

Consumption or demand data reporting

Statistical data modelling  
Advanced monitoring and targeting (M&T)  
On-demand budget-at-risk assessments    
Hedging contract what-if scenarios    
5-10% energy savings    
15-20% energy savings    
10-15% energy savings