Energent's energy management system monitors and assesses your facility's energy performance and reports to you in real-time. It gives you solid facts and meaningful insights for smart decisions to manage your energy use and control your costs.

With our three standard solutions, you gain significant operational benefits and can accumulate savings of 30% or more!

Energent's energy management solutions

  • EnergentEM - An Energy Monitoring system providing a window into the energy consumed by your meters and sub-meters.
  • EnergentET - An Energy Targeting system leveraging Monitoring & Targeting (M&T) analysis techniques to isolate less-obvious opportunities for energy savings and accurately measure, verify, and sustain savings over time.
  • EnergentEP - An Energy Procurement system providing ongoing assessment of your energy budget risk for procurement decisions to reduce your delivered cost of energy.
  • EnergentGHG - Energent's newest module providing sophisticated reporting tools for greenhouse gas emissions for audits & voluntary reporting requirements, in a dashboard view so information can be understood by all stakeholders.
  • We also offer Customized Solutions

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Solutions

All Energent solutions provide automated data collection and 24/7 reporting to you via the Internet. Your system is fully-managed and maintained by staff and equipment located at the Energent data centre. In addition, our staff provide valuable advice and services to enable your success. Learn more about our SaaS business model.