Energent Benefits

Our automated, fully-managed solutions give you every capability to gain and sustain operational benefits and cost-saving results.

Our solutions provide solid facts and valuable insights:

  • Learn when and where your energy is consumed
  • Set realistic targets for energy reduction
  • Isolate waste and inefficiency
  • Test and verify the effectiveness of operational changes
  • Measure savings achieved and verify third-party results
  • Budget accurately and report consumption by cost centre
  • Monitor and manage your budget risk
  • Reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses
  • Produce accurate and meaningful reports

With Energent, you gain the information you need, the resources to support you, and the necessary time to focus on managing your energy use. You receive all the capability you need to gain and sustain savings of 30% or more!

Energent can help with:

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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Energent employs a SaaS business model, which leverages the Internet to provide you with an automated, fully-managed and maintained service for a monthly fee. This business model is convenient, economical, and helps you achieve rapid payback on your investment.

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