BC Hydro Power Smart Forum

  • BC Hydro Power Smart Forum

    Recently Energent particpated in the BC Hydro Power Smart Forum at the Vancouver Convention Centre.  Energent was pleased to be involved in many aspects of the event, including their Continuous Optimization Workshop and their Industrial Alliance Program.

    BC Hydro’s Continuous Optimization Program (COPs Program) has been widely regarded as a model for other electricity utilities to develop a commercial building electricity conservation initiative.  Energent is proud to be one of only three providers of the Energy Management software (EMIS) to provide the Monitoring, Targeting, and Reporting (MT & R) capabilities for commercial buildings in British Columbia.  By participating in this workshop, Energent was able to show commercial building operators how to utilitze the real time alerting and management by exception to reduce electricity waste, increase the overall building efficiency, and gain significant insight into the operations of the building.

    If you are interested in finding out more about the Continuous Optimization program in British Columbia contact  Energent to find out more information.

    We also spent a considerable amount of time with our partner Energy Advantage, who were celebrating their 15th birthday, at the Power Smart Forum.  Energy Advantage and Energent, along with Joey Restaurant, threw a great party for our clients, partners, and friends on Oct. 18th.  Everyone was having a good time, talking about the great Vancouver weather, food and drink, as well as the company.  Everyone left that party “energized” and ready to develop the latest and greatest energy conservation projects, and most importantly, TRACK those results.

    Thanks to everyone that came to visit Energent at our booth, during our workshops, or at the Energy Advantage event.  We look forward to continued success in British Columbia and beyond.

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