Finding innovative ways to assist customers in lowering energy consumption and managing demand is a key component of every utility worldwide. This is a challenging undertaking and while incentive programs can assist in persuading clients to take steps toward more energy-efficient practices, developing and executing these programs successfully can seem like a daunting task. Energent works closely with utilities across North America as a platform for their Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) programs. Our system works with utilities to:

  • Baseline the current energy use for any facility
  • Identify energy conservation measures with the largest impact
  • Track, record, and sustain savings over time

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Industrial manufacturers face unprecedented challenges in almost every sector. To stay competitive in the market, plant managers need to find ways to lower their operating and production costs. Developed originally to meet the demands of an Industrial environment, the Energent solution:

  • Scales up from unit level operations to a plant-wide system
  • Can correlate production information with energy use
  • Identifies and quantifies peak demand reduction opportunities

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Government buildings, hospitals, schools, and community centres not only have the duty to maintain a healthy and comfortable working and learning environment, they also need to be community leaders and lead by example when it comes to sustainability. Many of these institutions are dealing with constrained budgets and managing energy consumption is an excellent way to lower costs while increasing the overall operational health of the facility. The Energent Solution allows institutions to:

  • Manage a portfolio of sites and quickly identify buildings that have large energy-saving opportunities
  • Enable benchmarking and comparative analysis across classes of buildings
  • Showcase greenhouse gas reductions in equivalents such as "number of trees planted" to assist in community education and engagement

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Guest satisfaction and value are the top priorities in the hospitality sector. With the rise and unpredictability of energy prices, energy bills are getting higher and have the potential to sky-rocket. Investment into more efficient-energy operations can lead to a significant reduction in consumption, operational costs, and maintenance, while still maintaining the standard of quality. Energent understands the time and budget constraints of facility managers in this industry and can help:

  • Identify sites which are performing best as well as sites with opportunity for improved energy efficiency
  • Automatically alert the appropriate people to abnormal energy use events
  • Provide an Energy Analyst to keep an eye on your facilities’ consumption when you can't

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Managing a portfolio of commercial buildings can be a daunting task for property mangers. Maintaining tenant satisfaction is a high priority, although the need to manage and control energy consumption with rising energy prices is becoming increasingly crucial. Energent's solution can help:

  • Easily identify, within a portfolio of buildings, buildings with the largest energy savings opportunities
  • Track tenants’ energy use
  • Monitor HVAC and lighting control systems

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Managing and understanding energy consumption for tens if not thousands of buildings can seem like an insurmountable task, but the need to be able to do just this is becoming top of mind for retail facility managers. The Energent solution can:

  • Help all levels of an organization understand an individual site’s energy use
  • Enable behaviour changes among employees to lower consumption
  • Provide the basis for benchmarking across retail chains to raise every store’s level of energy efficiency

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