Energent’s Energy Management Information System

  • Cloud-Based Solution

    Get access to your facility from any device with internet access!

  • Energy Use Breakdown

    Understand what factors are contributing to your facilities’ energy use.

  • Multiple Data Acquisition Methods

    There are numerous systems used to collect energy data, production data, occupancy data, and more. Energent's engineers are experts at collecting various data types from multiple sources.

Energent’s EMIS Solution Modules

Whatever your Energy Management need, we have a solution for you!

Energent EM

Understanding when you are using energy is the first step in really understanding your location’s energy profile. Energent’s Energy Monitoring software makes this easy!

Energent ET

There are multiple factors that influence energy demand and consumption. We develop the mathematical models which accurately predict your facilities’ energy use.

Energent GHG

Energy management is about sustainability and emissions reductions as much as it is about energy savings. Easily communicate and report on your Greenhouse Gas reductions.

Energent Portfolio Manager

Have the ability to manage a portfolio of buildings easily from one screen. Identify facilities that are your best performers or are outliers.

Energent Kiosk

Build awareness throughout your organization by displaying your key sustainability metrics on a kiosk!