Energy Analysts


Energent’s Energy Analyst Service

  • Keeps an eye on your energy

    Keeping an eye on your energy consumption can be a time consuming task. Energent’s energy analysts will assist you in keeping an eye on your energy use when you can’t.

  • Identifies areas of opportunities

    Energents’ robust EMIS gives you the information required to identify areas of energy savings opportunities. Your energy analyst can work with you to gain the maxim benefit from the Energent Solution to identify energy conservation measures which will further your facilities’ energy management strategy.

Energent’s Energy Analyst Services

Energent’s Energy Analysts have many talents! Here are just a few…

Energy Coaching

Our expert Energy Analysts are always willing to help you better understand your facilities’ energy use and devise a successful energy management plan.

Energy Planning

Providing you the tools to develop a successful energy plan. Need a hand? Our Energy Analysts are always available to help, whether you need ongoing support or a one-day planning session our energy plans work for you!

Energy Review

Quarterly meetings, weekly calls, yearly roadmaps, or daily notifications? What method works best for you to stay on top of your energy management strategy? The Energent solution offers many options to review your facilities’ and/or portfolio’s energy performance.

Custom Services

Energent offers an array of individualized and custom services based on the needs of our customers. Below are just a few of these services.

servicesThe development and execution of a successful demand management plan is key for any organization looking to maximize value, savings, and sustainability through managing your facilities’ energy. These plans include:

  • • Managing demand
  • • Controlling peak-demand
  • • Identifying load-shifting opportunities

And can be extremely time consuming to manage. Energent’s Energy Analyst Service help your facilities team develop, execute, and measure a successful Demand Management Plan. Find out how today!

services Large industrial energy consumers in Ontario are frequently subject to Global Adjustment changes on their utility bills. Industrial customers with a peak demand of over three megawatts are classified as Class A, and are charged based on their peak demand during Ontario’s peak periods. These changes can have a significant impact on a facility’s bottom line. Energent works with industrial customers to help lower and manage their peak demand periods and, therefore, lowering the amount they are charged in Global Adjustment fees. Contact Energent today to find out how we can help you minimize these unwanted charges!

Need more information on Global Adjustment? Visit the IESO website for a full overview.

servicesBuilding a strategic energy management strategy and incorporating it into your business can be challenging for any organization. Our energy analysts will assist in conducting workshops to help:

  • • Build a culture of conservation
  • • Organize a company’s green team
  • • Understand how energy is used in your facility
  • Contact us today to find out how we can help!