Global Adjustment Advisory Services

 Global Adjustment Advisory Services

Our predictive software analyzes your energy consumption data and alerts your facility to reduce energy usage during the five coincident peaks to significantly reduce your facility’s Global Adjustment costs. We will apply our sophisticated technology, market intelligence, and unparalleled industry expertise to predict peaks and notify your business when to dial down your operations. Leave the peak-chasing to the experts.


Our service follows an outward-focused methodology that understands the dynamics of the Ontario market and the factors that determine what the peaks will be well ahead of the peak season. As we approach a day that is at risk of becoming a peak, we take a very critical view on demand forecasts and factor in items such as past forecast accuracy, expected reactions of Dispatchable Loads and Class A Consumers as well as changes in weather that could shift the peak hour.



Find out how much you can save on your GA costs. Develop a peak reduction plan with our energy managers.


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Notification Dashboard Solution

SPHaving based our service on the needs demanded by Class A consumers, we have created an innovative, customer-friendly process to will alert you to when these peaks occur. Our philosophy is centred around the fundamental understanding of the market dynamics in what drives peaks during a peak day.


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Notices & Alerts

Customers receive regular reporting well in advance of the peak season occurring. As we approach a peak day, alerts are sent that identify those hours at risk of becoming a peak. In these alerts we consider such factors as IESO forecast accuracy, early weather formations and the impact of Class A consumers resulting in a shifted peak.

Week ahead reports are issued the Friday before a week where a potential peak day may occur, and provide enough notification to prepare for the event. This gives customers notice prior to a possible peak day indicating the hours most at risk of becoming a peak.


Day at Hand report are issued the morning of a peak, and provides further detail of the day’s peak expectations These use more up-to-date forecast data for the target day, and confirms the Day Ahead notice with expected peak times and durations.


Peak Day Updates provide the customer with information regarding any anomalies during the peak day and gives expectations of changes in peak hours or duration of peaks throughout the day. Alerts are sent by email.



Sygration Tools

As we enter a period of potential peaks, we ask that all customers turn to the Sygration Dashboard to monitor Ontario Demand, system events, the real-time Demand Forecast Error and other unique Rodan only intelligence. The Dashboard has been in use for over 10 years and is relied upon by over 60 companies to monitor the dynamics of the Ontario electricity market in real-time.


Sygration Dashboard

1 The Global Adjustment cost is an estimate for each calendar year. Actual GA Peak Demand Factors are determined during the Base Period of May 1 to April 30, with costs savings applied during the Adjustment Period of July 1 to June 30.