How do we help Institutions?

  • Easily managing a portfolio of sites

    Hospitals, government buildings, schools, and community centres frequently have multiple buildings or wings. Energent can help you benchmark and manage all your facilities from one easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Custom Reporting Made Easy

    Institutions frequently need to report on budgets to either public or private stakeholders. The Energent system makes it easy to report on energy use and spending for any stakeholder or reporting requirement.

What Does Energent’s Institutional Solution Do?

Every facility is different! What we suggest for Institutional Facilities is…


See a facility’s energy use in real time from anywhere with our cloud-based solution. Easily monitor multiple buildings or locations


Understand which commodities, drivers such as weather or occupancy contribute most to facilities’ energy consumption.


Work with your team to identify energy conservation measures that work for your facility. Help you to create a culture of conservation within your organization.


Having the ability to convey energy savings and over-use to financial, operations, or c-level personnel is extremely important. A variety of reports will allow you to do this with ease.


Showing your commitment to increasing the sustainability of your facility can increase a culture of conservation. Display your facilities’ energy consumption to others through a kiosk display.

Automatic Alerting

Finding time to keep on top of all areas of energy management is extremely difficult. Automatic alerts will let you know in real time when an abnormal energy event has occurred.

Additional Customer Services

Every government and institution runs differently, so we provide easily configurable solutions!

servicesThe development and execution of a successful demand management plan is key for any organization looking to maximize value, savings, and sustainability through managing your facilities’ energy. These plans include:

  • • Managing demand
  • • Controlling peak demand
  • • Identifying load-shifting opportunities

This can be extremely time consuming to manage. Energent’s Energy Analyst Service helps your facilities team develop, execute, and measure a successful Demand Management Plan. Find out how today!