How do we help retail chains?

  • Large portfolio management

    Managing a large portfolio of sites can be a daunting task for facility managers in the retail space. With Energent you have the ability to manage hundreds or even thousands of sites from one easily navigable set of screens.

  • Energy project verification

    The ability to communicate the effectiveness of an energy savings project to all levels of your organization is key. The Energent system allows you to do this with ease and ensure the projected savings are realized.

What does Energent Retail Solution Do?

The retail sector has energy management needs. Here’s how we help!


See a facility’s energy use in real time from anywhere with our cloud-based solution. Easily benchmark and compare across multiple stores.


Understand which commodities and operational procedures have the greatest impact on a site’s energy profile.


Work with your team to identify energy conservation measures that work for your facility. Help you to create a culture of conservation within your organization.


Energy use used to be a commodity that was extremely difficult to tie to specific projects or operations. With Trackers, you can track projects to explain energy savings or over-usage.


Showing your commitment to increasing the sustainability of your facility can increase a culture of conservation. Display your facilities’ energy consumption to others through a kiosk display.

Automatic Alerting

Finding time to keep on top of all areas of energy management is extremely difficult. Automatic alerts will let you know in real time when an abnormal energy event has occurred.