• Change

    Our Energy Analysts will work with you and your team to implement the measures and measure their impact.

  • Manage

    With the Energent powerful EMIS system and dashboard, the Energy Analysts then assist in maintaining, managing, and continuously improving facilities’ or portfolios’ energy consumption.

Energent Solution Components

The Energent Solution is made of a combination of our best-in-class energy management software and our expert Energy Analyst service.

Energy Planning

Providing you the tools to develop a successful energy plan. Need a hand? Our Energy Analysts are always available to help, whether you need ongoing support or a one-day planning session, our energy plans work for you!

Energy Monitoring

You cannot manage what you don't measure. The Energent system allows you to easily monitor your facilities’ data in real time. You can visualize your energy more easily than you ever have before.

Energy Targeting

The Energent system can calculate how much energy you should be using by analyzing the operations and variables that cause your facility to consume energy. The system will identify how much energy is being used by each operation or variable, and baseline your operations.

Energy Reviews

Quarterly meetings, weekly calls, yearly roadmaps, or daily notifications? What method works best for you to stay on top of your energy management strategy? The Energent solution offers many options to review your facilities’ and/or portfolios’ energy performance.

Portfolio Management

Easily manage a large portfolio of buildings or large facilities with multiple divisions. Quickly identify best- and worst-performing buildings.

Energy Coaching

Our expert Energy Analysts are always willing to help you to better understand your facilities’ energy use and devise a successful energy management plan.

Custom Services

Energent offers an array of individualized and custom services based on the needs of our customers. Below are just a few of these services;

servicesMany facilities and organizations have unique reporting requirements. Energent works frequently with clients who require custom reporting and can develop reports and processes that work with internal systems and reporting needs.

servicesThe development and execution of a successful demand management plan is key for any organization looking to maximize value, savings, and sustainability through managing your facilities’ energy. These plans include:

  • • Managing demand
  • • Reducing consumption
  • • Controlling peak demand
  • • Identifying load-shifting opportunities
  • They can also be extremely time-consuming to manage. Energent’s Energy Analyst Service helps your facility’s team develop, execute, and measure a successful Demand Management Plan. Find out how today!

servicesUsing powerful advanced modeling, weather forecasting, and real-time pricing information, Energent’s Optimization software will advise you on how best to schedule your assets to achieve the objectives you’ve set – minimum cost, minimum GHG emissions, minimum consumption, or a weighted objective involving all three.