How do we work with utilities?

  • Program development

    Energy conservation and demand management is an important component of meeting the rise in consumption and demand for Utilities everywhere. We have worked with many Utilities in the development and execution of conservation programs. Let us help you make yours a success!

  • EMIS solution

    It is amazing what business owners and facility managers can do to lower their energy consumption once they better understand their use. We work with utilities to provide EMIS solutions to their customers to enable behavioural energy savings.

  • Energy analyst services

    Understanding and managing a building’s energy use can be complicated. Energent Energy Analysts are here to help facility owners, Key Account Managers, and/or Energy Service Managers understand and properly manage their energy consumption

Additional Utility Services

Every utility and utility program is different! Most programs will need…


Utilities collect large amounts of data, and to make sense of this information to customers they need to understand the reasons behind their energy use. Our solution can identify what factors are increasing or decreasing energy use for any customer.


Understanding when you are using the most energy can really encourage customers to find ways to lower their consumption. Energent’s system can help utilities display customer information on easy-to-understand and easy-to-navigate dashboards.


Key Account Managers, Energy Service Managers, and customers all have important roles to play in conservation projects. Our Energy Analysts can help on many levels in identifying projects and finding appropriate resources.

Additional Utility Services

Every utility is different, but here are a few of the custom services we can provide:

services Developing and executing conservation programs can pose many challenges for Utilities. Energent has worked with utilities across the country in the implementation of these programs. Let us work with you to ensure your program is effective, shows results, and has scalability.

services It is one thing to develop a conservation program and another to get customers on board. We want to help you develop programs that work and have good customer uptake and success. Please contact us today to draw on one experience and make your program a success!